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Model: Maddie Lamb~Photo by Golga Oscar~Taken at IAIA Campus,Santa Fe NM

 Santa Fe is known, not only for it's rich cultural history & art,but a look that no where else in the USA,you will find!  It's a melting pot of Native American,Mexican,Western & not to exclude it's Spanish Colonial influences! This is the look that we proudly offer..

All the pieces you will find,I hand pick for my store &  not only have a look that draws the eye,but the piece has to be made right. Quality & workmanship & NATURAL turquoise, is at the top of our list.

I deal in non-commercial,one of a kind, "artisan "Designer" jewelry" & once it's gone,it's gone! What I don't look for, is common,ordinary,mass produced,touristy,everyday ho-hum type pieces.. Everything we carry,is made by hand.. Quality,natural,untreated turquoise, is my 1st choice & a big priority when I shop...Yes,It costs more,but I want to offer you the best.

What you are going to get from me is a 'true' Santa Fe'an look,from massively large statement pieces to extremely small, from Native American to Mexican to Western styles of jewelry.

From the bold styles of Federico,to the hand made Oaxaca filigree,Folk Art jewelry by Carlos Gutierrez, to the wonderful Native American artists of  the Southwest & to the urban SW designs of Don Lucas..You are guaranteed to get nothing less than quality! 

I carry a full line & all the latest fashions from the "Roja Collection"  clothing line,which is known for their upscale,Folk Art,cultural style looks & recognized for all the time consuming detailed handwork that goes into each piece..I also carry New Mexico’s own ”Silverado” clothing line that has that wonderful look of Santa Fe!

We are proud to carry impeccably crafted & super colorful tooled leather purses out of Guadalajara,Mexico to complete your wardrobe style.So when your shopping for jewelry,remember,the clothing or the purses will complete the look & vise-versa! 

We want shopping with us to be your best experience & we go the extra mile to see you are satisfied!



jcyarb81~5 out of 5 stars~Just as advertised, my wife loved them!

5 out of 5 staAbsolutely beautiful! Extremely happy with this purchase!

mfeyguthrie~5 out of 5 stars~These are the MOST fabulous earrings! I love wearing them and I have gotten many, many great comments about them, wonderful seller. This is my second purchase and it won't be my last.

minrice41sec~5 out of 5 stars~Amazing customer service and fast shipping. Item is even more beautiful in person!!! Wonderful experienced, knowledgeable seller, would purchase from again!

Adriana p~ ""she offers unique & beautiful,love everything i've purchased""!

“As the stars are to the night,so are jewels to a woman”
~~~Margot de Taxco~~~

Who I am:

 I was blessed with a eye for anything beautiful,elegant,top quality,with the ability of standing out from the rest.. One might say,jewelry was my calling....I live & breathe jewelry & it has always been the focus of my life...

I have a highly trained 'eye' & am very experienced when it comes to jewelry & have been at it long enough to tell you if the stone is natural & how the item was  made.This comes from years & years in the business.And from being 'hands on" involved.

I own a store here in Santa Fe,where so many times been told from long time residents that "This is the best collection in Santa Fe they have ever seen"..I make it a point to carry the best & make sure to only deal with the best artists  there are in jewelry.

What you are not going to get in my store is, "average,touristy,common'style jewelry..I pass this style up!!

You will walk in a store that has Santa Fe written all over it..It's Colorful,with a Mexican Folk Art interior edginess,with lots of GORGEOUS turquoise jewelry!!

In New Mexico,we are packed with nothing but wonderful artists & am personally connected with & work closely with many of them.I am also personally connected with major, international jewelry designers,as well.

How I started in in the SW jewelry business,was back in 1973, when at that time,I moved to New Mexico from Oregon(By way of Chicago,Berkeley Calif. & Colorado) so I can be in a sunny state because of the clouds & rain of Oregon..That was one of the smartest moves I made,because I would not be where I am today or know as much as I know about the business & what I sell,if it wasn't for that move.

At that time,I ended up becoming a silversmith while living in Albuquerque..This was when many turquoise mines were still open & 'natural' turquoise was still plentiful... It was also at a time when the Taiwanese were undercutting the Pueblo artists,by now producing machine made Heishi.

 My specialty was making Zuni inspired pieces & found myself,creating cluster work & setting LOTS of tiny 2 mm stones.. Workmanship" was drilled in me to no end,which has lead me to "What" & "How" I buy, to this day.

Because of my love of all jewelry styles, it opened me up to having knowledge in all facets pertaining to jewelry & giving me experience in not only SW sterling,but I have experience in gold,as well.. I have experience in all gems,cuts of gems,era style jewelry..I LOVE colorful faceted gem jewelry & especially if it's one of a kind & made well!! Nothing like it!

My real love however is "Vintage Mexican jewelry" that was made in places like Taxco,Guadalajara & Mexico City,during the "Mexican Silver Renaissance"/Spratling days. I always say,"I would rather have a phenomenal large Matilde Poulat (Matl) piece,before a diamond any day"!!

 I hope you love what I bring to the table,Its a look that has Santa Fe written all over it..It's cultural,it's Folk Art,it's colorful,bold & it's what I love & what I am about!