About The Company

ROJA is TRUE art,done in fabric form..They are widely known for their all hand stitched,"hand ~via~ machine" embroidered clothing,that is artful,colorful,up scale,ethnic" & is created with unmatched sophistication & high~end quality,like no other line....

The colorful & highly artistic CEO/Artistic Designer,ANN TOBIAS starts by studying cultural patterns,designs,styles & then goes to the drawing board..Ann is the phenomenal artist & the 'brains' for coming up & drawing out every single detail we see,which then get sent to be embroidered..Coming up with the most unbelievable designs,with inspirations coming out of Old Mexico & Native American designs, known to her birthplace of New Mexico (Especially with that touch of Santa Fe!) & the Southwest..

Because these garments are literally works of art,the time that goes into making & creating clothing like this,cannot be made overnight & is done with the power of the hand,taking sometimes one week,just to complete one item!! When you own a piece of clothing of theirs,you will then realize what separates them from the rest..